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"People are super fucking stupid!"

Posted on: December 17th, 2009 by Fransgaard No Comments

I make an effort to follow all sorts of people of all sorts of ages on Twitter rather than just industry people and friends.


“People are super fucking stupid.” That’s why!

No no, I don’t actually mean people are stupid or super fucking stupid for that matter. What I mean is Twitter gives me a unique inside into how people think and behave. The expression in the title was made by a young girl from Michigan.

I don’t hang around teenagers on a daily basis and can say the same for the elderly or soldiers or any other kind of segment that doesn’t fall in my immediate work or friend spheres.

So paying attention to what other groups say or do in the social media sphere does give me a broader insight into how other people behave especially those that do not work with online communication on a daily basis.

And the thing I find really great about this is that it is in a natural way both because people tend to behave in a very private manner in a very public space, but also because I am not reading these posts with my research hat on (eg. need to do a website for 18 year-old bikers) so for me it becomes a stream of almost subliminal input.

And it is an easy thing to do. Whether you are an online professional like myself, a business owner who what’s to learn about what your customers are talking about or an employer who wants to learn more about your staff/potential staff.

Btw, on that last point, we’ve all seen examples of employees making mistakes by posting the wrong stuff on Facebook, MySpace etc for their employer to see.

However, I have recently noticed a few instances where employees have made a publicly available entry that was supposed to look like one of those type of mistakes, but actually it was their way or raising an issue in a less formal way with their boss.

So my advice: Start listening to other people online today. You are bound to learn something new such as the perfectly crafted new English expression: “People are super fucking stupid.” which triggered this post.