American Express

American Express Next Generation Customer Service

American Express was looking to shape a vision of how technology could used to create a better and more personal customer service through new ways of thinking and connecting.

I lead a small IBM design team to research the art of the possible and prepare for a workshop-lead collaboration week in American Express’ headquarters in New York.

The workshop brought together senior stakeholders from American Express and subject matter experts from IBM’s industry and consultancy departments.

The workshop made use of deBono methodologies to structure the conversation between the 30+ participants to get maximum insight and input and to help break out of conventional thinking with a lateral thinking approach.

The output was set of high-level customer experience journeys mapping Amex’ internal processes and capabilities as well as an underlying technology map to identify what would need to change or put in place to deliver coherent high quality experiences across journeys.

A set of animations was produced to distil the complex journey maps into assets easier to communicate and share with a wider internal audience.