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2018 New Year’s Resolution: No more Likes, no more hearts. Only comments.

The “Like” revolutionised how we interact. Suddenly we could show our appreciation with the click of a button. That was in 2009. As we start 2018 I can’t help but wonder what the value of a “Like” is. For the…

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Valuing Design as a Craftsmanship

“Design” is such a broad term. Are we talking Industrial Design or Fashion Design? Oh we are discussing digital… well are we then talking about IT system Design? To make matters even more confusing over the last couple of years…

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The reality of bad Enterprise UX

I want to tackle a common gridlock I’ve repeatedly run into over the last 7-8 years working with Enterprise UX. It happens when UX professionals try to convince Enterprise IT and Business people of the value of employee-facing UX. It…

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