Burberry Social Business

In 2010 I joined Capgemini to spearhead and lead an engagement at Burberry with the brief to make their intranet "more Burberry".

It became clear that their intranet at the time wasn't the right tool. Not just because it didn't live up to Burberry's strict brand requirements, but also because it didn't provide the right working tools an as an experience it simply wasn't relevant for the aged 20-something employees of Burberry.

How to be relevant to a younger employee base

The Facebook Wall was at it's height at the time so I repositioned the project as an B2E and B2B social network using a screenshot of Facebook and overlaid business content. It became known as "Burberry World" and I defined it as:

This vision was very forward-thinking and very ambitious and set the golden standard for Social businesses in the years to come.

I extended my engagement first with a small POC team (PM, UX, TA, Dev) to find the right technology, which was identified as Salesforce. And once the program set in motion, I remained the Proxy Product Owner as well as led a team of 4 UX Designers to produce all the UX material to guide the development effort delivering the final product.

The Burberry program was a keynote presentation at Dreamforce 2011.