Led industry-defining, collaborative solution for business users

I made a decision to leave the design agency world behind and joined Capgemini in 2010.

My first day at Capgemini, was also my first day at Burberry, where I was asked to update their current Sharepoint interface to be on brand.

I tried the best I could with the limited functionality of Sharepoint at the time, but when I presented it the reply was: "Yes, that is what we asked for but not what we need... but we don't know what we need".

This gave me the carte blanche to explore what the business actually needed and after interviewing staff at HQ and staff in store, I realised that nobody card about a dusty old intranet as Facebook was the new shiny thing in people's personal lives.

I took a screenshot of my own Facebook account, replaced the different entries with business related entries such as corporate updates, supply chain reminders, internal messages, chat, likes and groups and voila! The concept of "Facebook for Burberry" was born.

From early concept to final delivery

The concept grew to incompass single, fully branded user experience solution for all users with a business relationship with Burberry be they employees, vendors, partners or VIP customers.

The technical solution enabled a fully branded, seamless umbrella of profesional tools, all brought together with a "wall" of status updates, corporate news and other alerts from business applications and initiatives.

I remained the Proxy Product Owner as well as led a small team of UX Designers to produce all the UX material to guide the development effort delivering the final product.

Industry impact

To my knowledge this program was the first of its kind to create an internal social network, fully branded encompassing a multitude of users and business applications.

The program was featured at the Dreamforce 2011 keynote and at Cloudforce UK 2012 keynote.

Selected work

H&M Group

Grow experience design organisation and increase design maturity.


Established pan-European experience design organisation.


Strengthened experience design groups for medium segment products and design system.


Led industry-defining, collaborative solution for business users.


Advised on establishing an internal experience design team.


Conceptualised eco-system vision for small business customers.