Catching up with the Customers

The Internet as an industry has grown up. Gone are the Wild Wild West days. Today we have established industry standards and educations for our people. An industry that has found its equilibrium.

Who are we kidding? This is nowhere near the reality.

The reality is that the digital landscape is shifting by the minute. Social media? Mobiles? Internet of Things? While we are trying frantically to keep up, the Customers have already adopted these things.

Both our clients and our industry as a whole is playing catch up with Customers. Yes, that’s true. Customers are leading the way.

The speed of adoption dictates where we need to focus… and boy, do we need to focus fast. I don’t need to remind any of you that those who have not yet adopted a Mobile First methodology are falling fast behind because the Customers are already there! They are already impatiently looking for the next thing.

What can you do?

As a Client of digital services

You have to listen to customers. Really listen. Yes, there will be some uncomfortable truths to face, but if you don’t, you fall behind. Adapt core creative methodologies to question and dissemble everything and put it back together in new ways, new business models.

As a Digital Professional

You have to accept you don’t know it all. No matter how senior, you have to go into every single project assuming you know nothing. That’s hard. I know it. I constantly battle myself form going “I’ve done this before” because the truth is: I have not.

As a Student

Learn to adapt now. It becomes hard as you get older and more experienced. Make a point of never ever doing the same twice. If you do what you’ve done before, it is already out of date.

To All of Us

Accept The Internet is moving too fast to keep up with and that the Socratic Paradox is ever real in the business of digital.

Say it out loud: “I know that I know nothing”.

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