What we humans can do that machines for the foreseeable future cannot emulate, includes creativity, cultural agility, empathy and the ability to take information from one context and apply it to another. BBC Worklife

Setting the next generation up for success no matter their background

Up until leaving London in 2020, I was board member of the East London charity Futureversity that works to keep young people, with little opportunity to go on holidays, active during the summer holidays so they return to school motivated.

Helping keeping young people engaged has been part of my life since I studied design. I've always found great pleasure in seeing people succeed and by working with young people I also gain a different perspective of how they see the world and a glimpse of the future through their aspirations.

I focus my energy in teaching young people creative problem solving using paper prototyping as a hands-on mechanism.

And with a looming lack of qualified digital designers, I hope some of these talented young people will have gained an interest in our industry.

Students drawing apps together around a table Paper sketches of mobile app ideas Student looking at prototype on mobile