Four blasts from the past. Great digital virals from the history of the web.

I’ve been in bed with fever recently and it got my thinking about how the digital industry was and how it is today.

Back when I started web design was a niche business, it was an add-on, an experiment and it was seen an expense. Now it is at the core of businesses, it is crucial to both marketing and day-to-day administration of the company and it is now seen as an investment.

The digital industry has grown up and is part of our lives now in a very irreversible way. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great archeological finds in our combined web history. Here are three of my favourites:



Safeplaces is from Flash’s early days and can best be described as an ambient interactive story. Do click around. There’s lots to see.

The Hospital, Stay a while, stay forever


The Hospital is a wonderful interactive photography experience through an old defunct hospital.

We come in Peace


We Come in Peach is a low-fidelity animated series that proves there really is no intelligent life out there.

Web Design Client Quotes from the dot-com era


“Please also put a landlord hat on the landlord.” – A classic set of quotes from clients originally posted on The legendary forum.

…And more digging.

Which great archaeological sites do you have bookmarked?


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