Getting an omni-channel customer service experience as a Virgin advocate

Those of you who have known me for a few years will know I am a big fan of Virgin. And I’ve been vocal about this: I like Virgin Media, when I can I fly Virgin Atlantic and I recently signed up for a Virgin credit card to get points to fly more with Virgin Atlantic.

And I did this long before Virgin gave me any special treatment. And frankly I didn’t need it as their customer service has always delivered.

The real benefits of being an advocate emerges

But then I realised their Social Media team began responding faster to tweets I wrote about Virgin. I also noticed I was receiving a few preferential treatments that appeared to be linked to conversation in the social sphere. All good stuff.

But this escalated a few weeks back when a Virgin Engineer didn’t show and after a quick call to customer services it turned out nobody had been booked until the following week, which I didn’t know and when I wouldn’t be home.

Frustrated about this I did what any civilized person would do: Rant on Twitter!

The Virgin Social team got back to be straight away as expected, but there was a change in behaviour: Rather than a standard customer services conversation, they had been empowered to give me a more personalised treatment, that started by sending me to a form reserved for social media advocates.

This resulted in a phone conversation with Dan, a very helpful member of the social media team who encouraged me to use him as a contact point to get the problem solved. And while it turned out he could not do anything to change the allocated time (due to available resources) he did offer a range of new options much more suitable to my current personal situation.

Dan, my personal Virgin Concierge

If I ever have a problem with Virgin Media again, I will call Dan. I won’t go to customer services, or tweet. I will call Dan.

But here’s what’s makes me curious: What if I have a problem with my next Virgin Atlantic flight or I lose my Virgin credit card? Can I call Dan as well? Can he help me out across Virgin brands? Is he a true dedicated Omni-channel customer services representative?


Your Thoughts

  • Cameron Buster Lovecruise Hend

    Nice article!! I need to find myself a Dan. Interesting question to finish with….maybe you’ll have to take more holiday to find out.

  • Thanks. Well that’s the cool thing; I wasn’t looking for a Dan. He found me to help me.

  • Alex

    Absolute nonsense. The 1-2-1 experience you have cannot be replicated across all their channels for all customers…erm scale?!. What a pointless post. You’ve even cited that being an advocate meant you get preferential treatment. What about all those other poor mugs suffering poor processes and communications.
    I would strongly argue that this is not a case for successful Omni-channel but a one off experience that if replicated would destroy Virgin’s customer service operation.