H&M Group

Grow experience design organisation and increase design maturity

After 21 years in London (1999-2020) I moved to Copenhagen and in the middle of the move I was approached by H&M Group to join as part of what is arguably one of the biggest digital transformation programs in the retail industry.

I joined a year into the transformation journey with three specific goals:

  1. Grow the experience design capacity.
  2. Increase the design maturity of the organisation.
  3. Expand and strengthen the current transactional experiences with the emotional values of the individual brands in the Group (being H&M, COS, Arket, Weekday, Monki, &Other Stories, aFound).

A year and a half into the journey we have:

A note on, growing a team in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic

Making a company a destination company for the designers in the middle of a global pandemic is not an easy task and I am grateful for the experience of managing a remote group from my previous job at Sage.

It was hard for new designers to join in the middle of a transformation, and hard for existing designers to be part of such an explosive growth. But at the end of 2021 we had a chance to bring the majority of the designers togerher in Stockholm for the first time.

And the buzz and cameradery between people, who in many cases had never met in person, blew me away.

Large group of interacting designers

Selected work

H&M Group

Grow experience design organisation and increase design maturity.


Established pan-European experience design organisation.


Strengthened experience design groups for medium segment products and design system.


Led industry-defining, collaborative solution for business users.


Advised on establishing an internal experience design team.


Conceptualised eco-system vision for small business customers.