How LoveFilm’s UX confused me with the simplest of tasks

I have been a LoveFilm customer for a long time. It has changed names and merged so many times I can’t even remember what it was called to begin with… and I intend to stay a customer, but today that proved surprisingly hard.

It all started with the Debit Card I am paying with running out soon…

The PostIt alert

The first notification I got from LoveFilm was not an email or a SMS, it was this PostIt note attached to the lastest films I received in my letter box.


I thought this was a great idea! A company with digital at it’s core understands their customers behaviour so well, they realised the best place to deploy such an alert would be in the letter with the DVDs rather than an email.

But then came the online experience

As i want to keep being a LoveFilm customer, I went online to update my card details. As the card number remains the same the only thing I had to change was the expiry date… how hard can it be?

STEP 1: My subscription page

As directed by the PostIt note I went to “My Account” page and into the “Subscription page”. Simple, clean interface. No confusion there.

interesting the buttons look like the Amazon buttons, but that’s what to be expected since Amazon now owns LoveFilm. So far so good. Let’s click the “Change” button next to “Payment Method”…

Step 1
STEP 2: Changing my card details

And I arrive at another clean and simple page. Yes, my debit card is indeed close to running out… but how to I edit it???

After going back and forward a few times I am sure I am at the right page, but there’s no “Edit” button.

So I decide maybe I need to enter my card details again as a new payment method, which I do…

Step 2

STEP 3: The error page

Oh… there is a problem adding the same card details again.. make sense, but what should I do then? I have no idea! 

I then went through this process a fair few times to be absolutely sure I didn’t miss anything. In the end I gave up and decided to contact the LoveFilm help desk.

Step 3

STEP 4: The help desk

As my problem is fairly simple I wrote a one-liner explaining my problem:

The card I am currently paying with is running out. I am unable to change its expiry date and I am unable to enter the same card with new expiry date as it is already listed.

I got a reply very quickly, but it was completely useless to me:

We can confirm to you that for security reasons we request all our members to update their card details themselves on line. To update your card details we request you to visit our website using your email address and password. Then, click on the ‘My Account’ link which you will find on the top right of the screen.

Yes, I know… the PostIt told me, but it doesn’t work!

Fortunately there was a feedback option so I replied stating the answer had been unhelpful.

Again I got a very fast reply from the help desk. This time with the correct answer… but the answer blew me away like a major twist in a movie:

I can see from the records of your account that your LOVEFiLM account is linked to your Amazon account. I would like to inform you that you need to update the correct/new card details on your Amazon account which in turn will update on your LOVEFiLM account.

Hey, that is excellent… except that throughout my whole journey through this one piece of vital information was never presented to me. Everything was pointing to the “My Account” page on LoveFilm’s own website.

The devil is in the detail and the right details must be in place. Otherwise a very simple UX task becomes an impassable brick wall.

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