How Twitter helped us hunt down Danny Choo, the Dancing Stormtrooper

My wife and I are both fans of Danny Choo, the King of the Otaku. He is currently in London and we were ofcourse hoping he would do his famous Storm Trooper Dance while he is here.

If you have seen the movie Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist then I’d say our hunt for Danny Choo today is in many ways similar to the hunt for Fluffy in the movie. (if you haven’t seen it, see it!).

Anyway, our day went something like this.


We wake up and are roaming around doing various random stuff.

App. 1pm

We realise we haven’t eaten anything yet so quickly chuck on some random clothes and decide to head for BentoBox in Camden to get… well… a bentobox.

14.17At the very same moment I ask for the bill, My wife notice this tweet:

@dannychoo: Will be filming in armor from now at Tower Bridge > St Pauls, Westminster, Piccadilly, Oxford St. Heading out now. 東京トルーパーロンドンで活動してきます。

Before I’d finished entering my PIN my wife was already out of the door cursing the fact we didn’t bring our camera so were stuck with iPhones (although I’m sure she secretly was happy about wearing one of her Star Wars hats)

After a quick tactical assessment we decide to head for St Paul’s so we would be there when he came from Tower Bridge.

30 minutes later

We arrive at St. Pauls and what an awesome day it is. We sit and enjoy the sun waiting for Danny Choo to arrive. No Dancing Trooper in sight, but what a lovely day.

3.16 pm

While dosing in the sun we notice a tall asian guy in a blue top with a hat walking around with an entourage of people. We quickly wake up as we figure it may be Danny Choo doing some location scouting before putting his trooper armour on (but why the entourage??) Anyway the guy walks away and we stalk him and his friends all the way back to the tube station before we reach the conclusion: It is probably not the right guy.

10 minutes later

We return to our sunny spot. Doing a bit of Twitter search on “Stormtrooper” we find this encouraging tweet:

@Roybott:  – Why is there a dancing stormtrooper here?

Awesome! Roybott has unknowingly told us Danny Choo is now at Tower Bridge.

I decide to buy a couple of ice creams while we wait which comes with the insane price tag of £7 altogether! … or so I thought. I pay the man £7 for the two ice creams and he says “It’s £10” … and I swear while I pay the rest.

3.33 pm

A pigeon with a mohawk makes us forget about the expensive ice creams.

4.46 pm

Still no dancing Star Wars characters, but we are kept entertained by random people walking by.


St. Paul’s Cathedral closes. No Trooper… we reluctantly decide to abandon our post on the stairs (the sun is gone now anyway).

A bit past 6pm

Sitting in the tube we decide to give the hunt for the Tokyo Trooper one last shot and head for Oxford Circus.

10 minutes later

We pop out at Oxford Circus but no Dancing Trooper and no sign of any Star Wars related activities… then we see this tweet:

@mattlopezdias A japanese stormtrooper just walked past me along the thames. he had his helmet in him hand. Pfffft no dicipline these super fans.

Is he heading to St Paul’s now???

Back down the tube.

10 minutes later

Back at St Paul’s which is close to void of people by now. Why would anybody dance here?

Quick check on Twitter confirms Danny isn’t heading this way:

@TerriAnnB Stormtrooper on southbank.

Big Ben in the background! He’s by-passing St. Paul’s and going for Westminster. Quick grab a cab!

One cheaper-than-two-ice-creams cab ride later

We are on the North side of the river now. No sign of any Stormtroopers.

We decide to walk to the southside across Westminster Bridge and grab a bus home.

Just before we reach the bus stop we spot a Stormtrooper on the other side… could it be…

A quick dash of death across the road (Yikes!) and we are finally standing in front of a rather polite Stormtrooper who after a few photos with the public turns on his ipod and does the Tokyo Trooper Dance!

We have found him at last!

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