LEGO™ Serious Play™

Business Design is all about applying design principles and methods to business strategy and as a Certified Facilitator I use the  LEGO™ Serious Play™ method as it is more effective, more efficient and simply more fun than other workshop methodologies I've used in the past.

LEGO™ Serious Play™ breaks the cycle of having the classic meeting scenario where a few people talk for most of the time, while the rest feel they are not contributing and committed to what is supposedly agreed.

But more than that, LEGO™ Serious Play™ aims to unlock knowledge in the subconscious mind of participants by leveraging the very behaviour that makes us fiddle, doodle and otherwise keep our hands busy.

The aim of using LEGO™ Serious Play™ is to drive real time strategy by having 100% of participants actively engaged 100% of the time.

Examples of where LEGO™ Serious Play™ can be applied to get value:

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