Established pan-European experience design organisation

In 2014 I joined Salesforce as part of the global experience design leadership to establish an experience design organisation in Europe as part of Salesforce's expansion in the region at the time.

I approached the challenge from several strategic angles to set the organisation up for success:

  1. Convince leadership that a central design team in London would not be sufficient as EMEA was split into four self-governing regions: UKi, South, Central and Nordics. Furthermore, understanding local beahviours and customs is an important aspect of designers truely understanding their users.
  2. Grow 4 teams with a minimum viable team mentality. A single designer gets lonely and quickly burns out.
  3. Educate rest of Salesforce Service organisation in EMEA so they knew when to position design as part of customer proposals.
  4. Shape an define package called "Envision" to fit the EMEA market and convince leadership to give sales teams (globally) incentive to sell the package.


Selected work

H&M Group

Grow experience design organisation and increase design maturity.


Established pan-European experience design organisation.


Strengthened experience design groups for medium segment products and design system.


Led industry-defining, collaborative solution for business users.


Advised on establishing an internal experience design team.


Conceptualised eco-system vision for small business customers.