Sound bites from 77Agency’s social media seminar

Yesterday I went to “Social Media: Maximising your brand presence on key social networks” hosted by 77Agency with some very interesting speakers talking about social media.

Here are some sound bites from the afternoon:

Meagan Marks

First speaker was Meagan Marks, Who’ve played a big role at Facebook. She’s now an independent consultant.

She was talking about Facebook’s new Open Graph system which essentially is a much bigger Facebook Connect system that allows you to turn a website into a much more personalised experience by being part of the Facebook family.


  • Users will expect a personalised experience of your site. They will expect you to know them even if it is their first visit as if you were host at a dinner party.
    Very interesting. Getting a detailed, personalised experience will become the norm and flat sites will feel out of date
  • However, she said not to delete any fan pages for two reasons: 1: Some users prefer the familiarity of the Facebook interface (Quite impressive how Facebook is seen as THE internet by some people) and 2: For search purposes. You need to be where users look
  • Think of communication as a three-way communication: brand to user to their friends and back.
  • Don’t think of users as users of your site; think of them as active participants

Wayne Gibbins

Next speaker was Wayne Gibbins from a new professional network which already have half as many members as the LinkedIn called

His presentation started with a live poll where we could all txt or tweet our response and see the result in real time on his PowerPoint. Very cool!


  • Everybody in any company is now working in the PR department. Companies need to roll with it instead of trying to stop it (because they can’t)
    Very good way of putting it. I’ll “borrow” that one ;-)
  • Forget about brand tone of voice in social media – it is people talking to people and it is the individuals users talk to that represents the brand in their own voice
  • Social graphs are portable with APIs, facebook connect etc Your social clout can be brought with you from destination to destination
    I really found this point interesting. You carry your social status with you around the web
  • Professional social profiles need to be nurtured and maintained
  • Professional social networks allow previously hidden opportunities present themselves.

Stefano Diemmi

Last speaker was Stafon Diemmi from Buongiorno


  • location-based social media is not the answer in itself, it is the relevance of the offer.
  • Mobile is personal and social.
  • What, When, Where and eventually ask Why.

Interestingly enough he also mentioned QR code as something still happening. We all know Japan has used QR effectively for years but I thought QR was dead to the rest of the world since it never really kicked in, but with mobile smart phones now hitting big QR are given a second chance.

This was backed up with a conversation with Nico Kopke from prior to the presentations so it sounds like QR is something to bring down from the shelf again.

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