Spleeing mistakes in blogs should be avoided… or should they?

I just read a great blog post by Alastair Campbell about how the general public are footing the bill for the banks/hedge funds mess.

Politics aside, one thing struck me: He misspelt “follows” in fourth paragraph:

How come last week, none of the papers reported the spending review as folows … ‘Teachers claim they bear no responsibility for the financial crisis, but 40,000 of them are about to lose their jobs as a result of the coalition government’s response to it.’

For all other blogs I would put this down to an error, but with Campbell arguably being one of the best PR people in the world, could it be this error was made on purpose to give the blog a human feel? An atmosphere of being written from the heart?

Actually, I’m sure that the conspiracy theorist in me are seeing connections where no exists and as such; it must be a plain typo (update: Confirmed as typo).

But hang on a sec; what does that then say about the article?

It suddenly does stand out as being written in a hurry, either because Campbell is in fact suppose to be working on something else or because he is passionate about getting this point across to the public.

Either way, the blog suddenly has gravitas as it genuinely comes across as Campbell personally feels this is a subject that must be broadcast now. It is an issue that cannot wait for a more convenient time.

Oddly enough, that one spelling mistake gives the whole post much more substance, urgency and importance.

I am not a copywriter but to me, it seems like good things can come out of spelling mistakes.

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