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I just donated £xxx to this charity… but why did I tweet it?

Posted on: September 20th, 2010 by Fransgaard 2 Comments

I’ve always believed in not telling anybody what charities I support and certainly not by how much. I believe it is a private matter and it is my personal effort to help where I can without expecting anything back but a better world… cheesy but true.

For the same reason I try to avoid donating anything to tin can rattlers on the street especially when around friends; a situation ripe for exploitation (by both parties I may add).

however, lately I have seen tweets in the tune of:

I just donated such and such amount to this or that charity.

Not only does it shamelessly state that the person has donated it also (shock horror!) mentions the actual amount!

The traditional ‘me’ thinks this is wrong; that it is exploitation on the donor’s behalf trying to gain som social clout by showing off how much they donate to how many charities.

But at the same time I find myself promoting charities via social networks fully aware than me promoting a certain cause is not only a way of helping the cause but also a way for me to earn some social capital.

Maybe it is just the next generation of charity: You scratch my back and I scrub your social ego and maybe it actually brings us all closer together… a thought to be continued.