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Oh no, not another “UX; What does it mean?” debate

Posted on: September 23rd, 2013 by Fransgaard 7 Comments

Image from one of the best Tumblr blogs on the web
Just got home from a fab Monday night with two of my biggest idols in the digital industry: Windahl Finnigan and Steve Hutson.

After a few drinks the debate turned to the definition of User Experience, a topic I have been engaged in for years.

However, I realised I almost never associate myself with UX anymore. I have given up!

The UX industry are all in agreement on the definition of the disciplines of UX and how it is much much more than just User Interface Design or Information Architecture.

But to clients and colleagues “UX” is synonymous with the tactical aspects of UX environment such as UI or Frontend Development. Every time a non-UX person says “User Experience” I know I will need to spend 10-15 minutes luring out what UX means to this person in that context.

And it rarely refers to the strategic elements of UX, but often translates to “make my idea happen”.

However,  the definition “Customer Experience” seems to be much more well-defined in everybody’s minds. Say “CX” and everybody thinks persona, journeys, strategy, ideas and business value. To me this is what User Experience is about.

But if everybody else wants to call it “Customer Experience“… well… I’ll accept that if it means I can get on with the kind of work I like to do, which is helping my clients crystalise their visions of how to connect with their customers.