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Facebook facial recognition: What if you could ‘Like’ real life events?

Posted on: June 8th, 2011 by Fransgaard 2 Comments

Giving people Social Credit (such as Facebook ‘Like’, Google +1 etc) is a fast and easy way to communicating appreciation online.

It is so fast that the uptake of such have been tremendous to the point where a website today without such features seems old-fashioned. It is close to second nature to users to be able to give people social credit… online, that is.

But I’ve been thinking: What if we could do the same in real life? With Facebook’s facial recognition this may be more feasible than you might think.

Imagine this scenario

You fall on the street and somebody helps you up. You say ‘thanks’ but you also quickly aim your phone’s camera at the helping hand and hit the little ‘Like’ button.

The system may not tell you who the helper is but recognises the person and  allows you to give them digital Social Credit.

No imagine that all those ‘Likes’ gives the Receiver real value such as how Flattr works; allowing the Giver to put their money where their mouth is by making actual micro payment to the Receiver.

Taking it further the ideal scenario is that the Giver doesn’t actually give anything of value but the Receiver receives something of value. This could be done with branded payment systems such as Air Miles, Nectar Point or similar.

This would be beneficial to all parties:

  • The Giver would be able to convey his appreciation
  • The Receiver would receive something useful
  • The Brand would receive both exposure, good will and custom.

What do you think? Would it work? What are the pitfalls for abuse? What are the dangers?