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I like Flipboard, but I’d love to see…

Posted on: September 7th, 2010 by Fransgaard 7 Comments

I’ve been using Flipboard extensively since it came out and I won’t hide the fact I love the concept of turning Internet streams into a more magazine-like format encouraging users to slow down and actually read all the brilliant content coming their way.

However, there are things that I’d like to see added to Flipboard. Here is my wish list:

YouTube that works

I have yet to see a single YouTube video work in Flipboard other than if you click “view on the web”. While this is still in Flipboard it is an extra annoying click. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest as iPad has been the YouTube ambassador for me.

Bookmark/Save spread.

As Flipboard pages are created on the fly, spreads compiled are lost for good as soon as you turn It off. But I often find it would be nice to be able to return to a spread for example after opening Safari. If anything just keep the last spread saved.

A facility to email/post a specific spread

Similar to above it would be nice with an option to share full spreads. Maybe even share/broadcast a whole issue similar to

Fully integrate personal streams with official news

While I understand why Flipboard has channels of content to choose from, I must say I was disappointed as I expected content streams to be created not by channel but by subject.

So for example if I wanted news on “London tube strike” Flipboard would source relevant news from all available channels both official (BBC news, Flipboard twitter lists etc) and personal (my Twitter, my Facebook etc).

“London tube strike” is specific and (hopefully) a short-lived subject but the idea would work equally well with longer-living, broader theme such as “Fashion and dining in London”.

Such a theme lends itself well to using location-based networks to create a nuanced picture of the fashion/dining scene happening right now in London. Combining content streams would equalise social news from my friends with items from official news channels.

While citizen news is often far from official news in quality, it is per definition more relevant and more often than not faster. Both serve an information purpose without competing directly. Flipboard is the right concept to take both forward in a stronger partnership.