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Why I am moving from Posterous to WordPress

Posted on: June 7th, 2010 by Fransgaard 2 Comments

In 2001 I closed my first blog.

Since then I have considered starting a blog but always worried about how to sustain it and how to get the message “out there”.

Then Twitter came along and I started tweeting. Didn’t think too much about it, after all it’s just a bit of 140 character fun.

One day I wanted to say something I couldn’t condense down to 140 characters, but then Posterous came to my aid. As with Twitter I didn’t think, I just jumped in with both legs because I had a need and without realising it I was suddenly blogging.

Throughout all this I had my portfolio running in parallel containing selected examples of my work, but with no direct connection to what I was saying online. Indeed for quite a few years I had my portfolio for my professional work and a completely separate site for personal work.

I became increasingly aware of this gab between my professional work and my other online movements and activities. Embedding my Twitter stream was the first step in merging the two.

It was still a static traditional portfolio… ofcourse it was: I can code XHTML and CSS have no experience with backend development and there was so many things I want to do with my portfolio; embedding the Posterous, adding social bookmarking tools, Flickr and so on and so forth.

Enter WordPress!

I have used WordPress in the past for example forĀ and I find it easy to use and quite flexible with the throng of plugins and in a span of a couple of weekends I now have this: My new merged online presence of my professional work and my other online activities.

Posterous served as a initiator in how easy it is to use; easy to set up auto-posting; easy to populate; and I love how it automatically transforms Flickr links into a whole gallery.

But it has its limitations as it IS aimed at being a micro-blogging tool and not a full scale website. For me I needed something bigger, more scalable and more flexible to host everything I do online.

Maybe “host” is the wrong word because, as I have written about before, the content of my profile is hosted on LinkedIn and just embedded here and the same with Flickr and Twitter, but to the users (you) all my activities can now be found in one lifestream and for me it gives me one single url to promote my combined online persona.