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The new Instagram map has killed my desire to geotag my Instagrams

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by Fransgaard 1 Comment

Recently Instagram added the “Photo Map” feature to Instagram. As I have been maintaining two hobby maps for years (London Restaurants and Japan Travels) I initially liked the idea and migrated all my Instagram photos to the new Photo Map.

But then I realised two things:

  1. I’m not looking at other people’s Photo Maps.
  2. I don’t use geotagging on Instagram THAT way.

What way?

To me a map is a tool displaying items with a long-term value; for example a museum or a restaurant. If it doesn’t have long-term value the map itself becomes useless as it sends people to items that have come and gone.

For example if I have put an Olympic event on a map a person finding that on the map in a few years will gain nothing from it other that it will clutter the map with noise obscuring the items that DO still exist and have a value.

Even if I did curate my Photo Map I would just be maintaining an extra map. I’d rather I could pinpoint selected Instagrams directly to my Google Maps so all geotagged information I produce was held in the same place.

I use geotagging in Instagram rather differently

With Instagram I will geotag events rather than places, so for example I walked past a big ‘A’ being painted yesterday. Normally I would geotag this in case somebody nearby is interested in big ‘A’s. I would not put it on a map though as I suspect this ‘A’ won’t be around for long. It is relevant now as it is happening right now.

But Instagram has removed my ability to geotag

That’s when it hit me: I can no longer geotag photos on the fly on Instagram unless I put it on the Photo Map! Which I don’t want to do for the reasons above.

Suddenly Instagram has lost some of its value to me by adding a feature!

I have been worried about where Instagram would be heading after Facebook bought it. While Facebook has stated they will let instagram run separately I am sure the Instagram team feel under pressure to “evolve” (and I am using that term very loosely) as fast as Facebook changes their interface.

What do you think about the Photo Map? Are you actually using yours or visiting other people’s Photo Maps at all?