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What happens when you email the wrong job spec to the wrong candidate

Posted on: August 19th, 2011 by Fransgaard 5 Comments

I regularly get job offers from both job agencies and direct. Some are more interesting and relevant than others, but they all have some connection to what I am doing now or have being doing in the past… until today when I received the chance to apply for following fantastic job offer, which I ofcourse felt I had to reply to immediately. See my reply at the end.

To preserve the privacy of the company who have sent me this email I have blanked out the logo. 


My reply to the sender:

Thank you for considering me for your very exiting vacancy as LWD/MWD driller for a world recognised operating company within the oil and gas industry.

To answer the skills and experience requirements I can offer the following

  • I don’t know what LWD/MWD stands for but I do have 10+ years of experience coding HTML/CSS. I can also offer a basic understanding of PHP/ASP
  • I do have experience working with offshore Drupal development teams in India and having grown up near a beach being onshore also comes natural to me
  • As a Danish native I have some natural engineering experience having grown up with easy access to LEGO and as a seasoned User Experience Architect creating flowcharts and wireframes is everyday challenges I gladly accept

However, As I am currently in a position as Creative Director for Capgemini UK’s Rapid Design Visualisation team I unfortunately have to decline this amazing offer as I am not currently looking for a new permanent role.

Have a nice weekend and good luck finding the right person for the role.

Best regards,
Robert Fransgaard