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3 Tips for Project Managers to work better with Designers

Posted on: July 17th, 2017 by Fransgaard Explaining the value of design to business people has for most part always been easy. Why would you not invest in user experience to make sure your product works for the end-users so in fact the project actually can deliver…

How to identify and pay back Creative Debt

Posted on: October 11th, 2014 by Fransgaard At a recent knowledge share day, a colleague of mine, Paul Stiles who is a Technical Solution Architect, talked about “Technical Debt”. For me it was a real eye-opened because there are so many parallels to design… to Creative Debt.

How to stop ideas – and why.

Posted on: November 7th, 2011 by Fransgaard Ideas are great, but they need to be turned into something real otherwise they are wasted.