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People ask how much time I spend on Twitter. The answer is: “None”.

Posted on: March 24th, 2013 by Fransgaard 2 Comments

I tweet a lot. As such there are two questions that keeps popping up from new, or would-be, tweeps.

Question 1: What should I tweet?

This one is easy: You don’t have to tweet anything. You can as easily just use Twitter as way of bringing news to you from people or companies you are interested in and leave it at that.

At some point there will be something you will want to reply to or something you will want to share yourself, but there’s no rush. Don’t worry about it.

Question 2: How much time should I spend on Twitter?

This one I find a lot harder to answer because the truth is I spend no time whatsoever tweeting, but that is hard to explain when I tweet 12 times a day on average.

Twitter was from the start, and still is today, a means for me to fill micro-pauses in my day:

  • Waiting for a tea to brew? Check Twitter.
  • Queuing for the post office? Check Twitter.
  • In the bus and need a break from the book you are reading? Check Twitter.
  • Commercial break on TV? Check Twitter.
  • Walking? Check Twitter (but be careful).

And please feel free to share any expansions on that list. I am sure you can think of a few.

But I do spend time on Twitter management

Because Twitter is a semi-professional tool for me I do use time on managing my Twitter account:

  • Managing my Twitter lists.
  • to weed out people who are not following me and whose Twitter stream doesn’t really offer me any value.
  • Set up scheduled tweets for my blog posts.

Professional Twitter accounts is another story

For professional Twitter accounts time does need to be set aside to maintain a consistent long-term effort, but that’s a different story.