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iPad as professional working tool is killing, not the laptop but the paper notepad

Posted on: October 9th, 2010 by Fransgaard 5 Comments

The organisation I am currently contracted to recently introduced iPad as a working tool within the business. The managers of the 500+ strong headquarter have been given ipads and they are almost never seen without them.

the immediate benefit is that it saves paper as the ipads have almost completely replaced paper notebooks. But while it is the most visible benefit I also suspect it is actually the least important.

Some of the more powerful, but subtle benefits I have observed in the few weeks I have been here are:

  • Instant email. Two people talk and it turns out one has a document the other person needs. Within seconds she’s sent it via her iPad so it is in the receivers inbox by the time he gets back to his office… or it appears on his iPad there and then. Done! No risk of her forgetting by the time she get back to her crowded inbox.
  • Unintrusive. Ever been at a meeting with somebody hiding behind that laptop screen while noisily hammering notes down on the keyboard? The ipad’s size and touch screen makes it a much more invisible tool. The added value is it allows people to type notes in digital format straight away rather than having to decipher personal hieroglyphs and re-type everything again when returning to the PC.
  • Www. Ofcourse one of the benefits is that the ipad is online. Turn it on and Google is instantly there with an answer and unexpected requests for certain information can now be tackled by a quick browse through the wireless company network rather than having to run down and print it out from the desktop.
  • Compact and collected. No need to carry stacks of printouts in various stages of deterioration in notebooks running out of blank pages when needed the most. Yes, I accept some people may see this as a luxury problem but for most companies how you look and behave is important and I for one feel messy and old fashioned when I show up with my stack of semi- worn paper printouts falling out of my notebook when entering a meeting room full of people with slick ipads.
  • Multi-tasking. A somewhat unexpected benefit I have observed is what can best be described as multi-conversation. People in meetings are more often than not needed for everything in the meeting. Using an iPad allows them to be connected to other conversations via instant messaging.This suits the multi-tasking women more than anybody else allowing them to communicate on a very powerful level. On paper this shouldn’t be a benefit as it sounds like a distraction more than anything else, but the reality is it works. So guys: Now is the time to learn multi-tasking.

A final note

I am writing this article on my iPad flying to Denmark and I suspect my ipad may become my primary tool for writing blogs as I can do it anywhere and instantly This mobility and “instant online” is something notebooks/laptops promised but never quite delivered.

iPads, and probably all the tablets hitting the shelves at the moment, bring the mobility and speed of mobile phones combined with a larger, more practical workspace of a notebook.