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My favourite Top 5 Covers of Daft Punk’s amazing new track “Get Lucky”

Posted on: May 1st, 2013 by Fransgaard 1 Comment

There’s no doubt about it. I love the new Daft Punk tune: “Get Lucky” and am looking forward to the release of the new album.

However, while we wait for that, here’s my top    5   7 covers of the track found on YouTube in order of weirdness. Enjoy!

Traditional covers

The acoustic version

The rock version

8-bit covers

Pure 8-bit

Nintendo version

The weird covers

The Michael Jackson edit

The Van Damme Bar Fight cover

… and if you still haven’t had enough…

The 1 hour loop of “Get Lucky”

Daft Hands

However, So far none of the “Get Lucky” covers beats this amazing cover of the old Daft Punk track “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.

2012 – The return of the adults

Posted on: February 13th, 2012 by Fransgaard 3 Comments

For as long as I have worked in digital there’s been an unwritten rule about the digital competencies of certain generations; The younger people are, the better they can do digital.

  • A tech support person I used to work with back around the dot-com-era would ask adults phoning for tech support to put their teen girl/ boy on the phone and then he would explain to the kid how to fix the problem and everything would be up and running in 5 minutes resulting in very happy customers and allowing him to get back to surfing the web.
  • In my last job I worked on an e-Skills UK/open University project educating teachers about ICT and it was clear that teachers were scared of the students’ ability to control the digital sphere. None of the had any aspirations of ever catching up with the children.
  • And great books like “Grown up digital” tells us that for the first time in human history children have real power in the homes and can make real contributions with their amazing skills with the remote, the games stations and with the family PC.

I am sure this access to power play a part in why kids today are less respectful and feel they are entitled to senior jobs as soon as they enter the job market. After all, they were a force to be reckoned with at home so why should they repsect their useless elders?

…And all the examples above are right… or at least they were.

The Internet is moving fast. I always say:

“What worked yesterday may not work today and certainly won’t work tomorrow.”

We constantly need to re-visit what we know and what we think is correct. And that is true for the assumption above, because adults are not adults as they were 10 years ago.

  • Many adults today have spend many years working with digital interfaces as part of their jobs, not just in roles directly associated with producing digital products, but roles in all kinds of sectors.
  • Adults today represent a significant portion of computer gamers 
  • Many adults are comfortable with and experienced in navigating the digital world including social media.

…so while adults may have been down for the count, they are now coming back with a vengeance.

There has already been some great examples of adults fighting teens on their home turf and winning using the very same weapons the teens brought to the fight. Here are two great examples that has surfaced recently, one is directly related to digital, the other is not, but I think both shows adults reclaiming respect on what used to be teen-only territory.

Advanced Facebook Parenting: The Digital Dad

The Rap Battling English Teacher

Thoughts spawned by CloudForce 2011

Posted on: September 15th, 2011 by Fransgaard 6 Comments

This post was meant to be a continuously updated summary of Day 2 at CloudForce, London. However, there’s already a suite official material online and I am sure what is not covered by this will be covered by various blog posts and ofcourse the #cloudforce Twitter tag.

Instead I want to share a few thoughts provoked by this very inspiring day.

For example I found it interesting that while Peter Coffee was interviewing a range of interesting guest speakers on stage we were all staring at the video feed from the camera filming him… we weren’t looking at him standing there in flesh and blod, no we were looking not only at a screen projection of him; we were looking at a video feed embedded on a Facebook page projected on the big screen.

I also find it interesting how we experience live events through our cameras. It is like if we don’t capture it digitally it didn’t happen. I remember last year going to MovieCon and having to hand over my iPhone before we could enter to here about all the new movies coming this year. It was an unpleasant experience not being able to share all these great secrets with my online contacts.


JuicyStar07But the single event that stands out in my head happened during the Radian6 breakout session where the presenter wanted to show how Radian6 helps companies filter social comments and identify the ones with the “loudest megaphone”. He proceeded to show a YouTube entry made by a beautiful young woman going by the screen name “JuicyStar07”.

When the presenter said the words “JuicyStar07” there were several semi-naughty grins from the audience who assigned some sexually charged undercurrents to her screen name and the presenter was quick to state that the video was PG.

The presenter continued to play the video in which JuicyStar07 was talking about her Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 bag and he brought to our attention that the video had received a stunning 2,000,000 views significantly more than the audience of most printed publications. Think about that for a second: More views than most newspapers have readers.

Everybody instantly sobered up. No more naughty winks from the audience and we all realised the sheer scale of the reach this single video have. The presenter then posed the question: Shouldn’t Luis Vuitton reach out to JuicyStar07?

It highlights how easy it is to miss the real value of content produced by digital natives simply because of the presumptions we project on to what we see.

Is the name “JuicyStar07” intended to be sexually charged? I don’t know. Maybe it was when she came up with the screen name, who knows?. Fact is: It does not matter. 

What matters is that changing her screen name would be PR suicide and I am convinced she is aware of this. Some of her fans may not recognise her as Blair Fowler but they all know and want JuicyStar07.

These were my thoughts at the time. I’ve since learned she is blogging under her real name as well but it still raises yet another issue with the whole utopian Google+ real name policy which my colleague Rick Mans has covered in another blog post. Sufficient here is to ask: Do Google really want to risk losing somebody like JuicyStar07 and her 2,000,000 views in a crusade to force them to use their real name?

The Burberry Social Enterprise

I want to end this post with a personal note: It was great seeing the project I am User Experience Lead on up on the big screen.