This is what my personality looks like using the latest profiling tool from IBM

You may have seen this in the news already, but Michelle Zhou (Researcher at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose) explains the project in details in this VentureBeat article.

My colleague Marie Wallace has written a great article distilling her own profile infographic and I have copied the following list from her blog:

  • Hedonism: seeking pleasure and sensuous gratification for oneself.
  • Conservation: emphasizing self-restriction, order and resistance to change.
  • Self-transcend: showing concern for the welfare and interests of others.
  • Open-to-change: emphasizing independent action, thought, feeling, and readiness for new experience.
  • Self-Enhance: seeking personal success for oneself.
  • Excitement: getting out there and living life, upbeat emotions, and having fun.
  • Harmony: appreciating other people, their viewpoints and their feelings.
  • Ideal: a desire for perfection and a sense of community.
  • Curiosity: a desire to discover, find out and grow.
  • Closeness: being connected to family and setting up home.
  • Self-expression: discovering and asserting one’s own identity.
  • Openness: the extent to which a person is open to experience a variety of activities.
  • Neuroticism: the extent to which a person’s emotion is sensitive to the environment.
  • Conscientiousness: a tendency that a person acts in an organized or spontaneous way.
  • Extraversion: a tendency to seek stimulation in the company of others.
  • Agreeableness: a tendency to be compassionate and coorperative towards others.



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