Thoughts on a singular, personalised TV channel

As many other people I don’t watch a lot of TV these days. I get my information and news from the Internet and and my film cravings are satisfied by DVDs so I can digest content when and where I want to.

But as much as things are different, things are still the same. Sure, I watch the news online now, but instead of watching BBC News I read I still mentally subscribe to the channel, not the content.

I just had a bit of an eye opener when it comes to TV programs and TV channels online. I know YouTube is a massive success but in the back of my head YouTube is still amateur home movies to me.

So when I now just searched for Dell Streak on YouTube I was expecting to find some semi-out of focus amateur review of it. Probably helpful, but still shot by a teen with a mobile cam.

However what I found was this interesting and professional video “Dell Streak vs. Apple iPad“. I watched and half way through it hit me: “I am watching a proper TV program!”.

I don’t know who or what the author TelecomTV is but it looks like a professional organisation. It actually doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I was looking for a subject, not a channel. I found a TV program, not a TV channel and it made me think:

  • Are we entering a world where we make up our own one single TV channel?
  • How will companies cope with selling us individual TV programs rather than packaged channels?
  • Can the general consumer indeed be bothered with this or do they prefer to keep channels?

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