Tips on how to decide which Linkedin connections to keep

Looking at my Linkedin profile I realised that having 500+ connections simply doesn’t look good. The “+” makes it look like I’ve been hoarding contacts and frankly doesn’t represent who I do maintain contact with.

Today I went through an exercise of reviewing my Linkedin connections and I thought it would be an idea to pen down the thoughts I made to guide me through the selection process.

Who to keep

I made myself a list of qualities in my contacts that would affect my professional career, now or in the future, to help guide me through the selection process.

  • People who I have communicated with recently
  • People I work with, colleagues or partners
  • People who have talents I may be needing in the near future
  • People who are in positions to influence my career now or in the near future
  • People in companies I may have contact with in my current role
  • People, who doesn’t match the above, but who trigger a gutfeel reaction suggesting I should keep them

Linkedin is not the only way of connecting with people

I had an important notion fairly early on when I was trying to figure out whether or not to delete a contact, who I’ve known for some time, but who doesn’t fit any of my qualifiers: Linkedin isn’t the only way of connecting. This person I know from Twitter and fact is removing the person as a Linkedin connection doesn’t change our Twitter relationship. In fact, that is where we’ve always been communicating.

Similarly, I have long-term friends as Linkedin connections who I am unlikely to cross paths with professionally. all of these people I am connected with via Facebook.

The result and risk

The result of my review has reduced my Linkedin connections from 700+ to 431. And I am quite happy with the result.

But the risk is offending people¬†with my actions, which is why I’ve made sure that anybody I know are still connected with me through either Twitter or Facebook.

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  • Yes, go with your gut as well.

  • Agree. There is something to be said about trusting your instincts in everything. Even online

  • Simone S

    Love this article, I used to do the same “cleaning” process, throughout all my social media contacts. I gave up with LinkedIn though, as a sheer amount of my connections is made of recruiters, so the task has become unbearable… On a side note, I’m glad I’m still in your LinkedIn connections :D