Unilever Experience Design Advisory

Unilever had realised that technology-led projects didn't deliver the business value as user adoption was often low.

I, in my role as head of Salesforce's Experience Design team, was brought in to provide design oversight and advisory to a large, Salesforce-powered project to strengthen the design deliverables and process.

While this was a difficult ask, the user experience of the final solution was significantly higher than the trajectory had been at the time of the ask.

Providing Ongoing Design Leadership Support

Following on from this engagement, Unilever was interested in exploring how an internal Experience Design department could be established and we provided information around what constitutes a mature design organisation, how to realise investment in design and what a suitable design org structure mapped to their IT organisation could look like.

The engagement concluded with a support package that included:

The results was a Delivery Leadership with a stronger understanding of Experience Design, material to help them understand the details and a plan forward for establishing their own Design Department.