Vivid Lime Creative Department

Having spent 8 years working in the Web Design Agency world for companies like Fortune Cookie, I decided in 2008 to move into Digital Marketing to learn about all the ways people get to websites, banners, email campaigns, affiliate marketing and PPC campaigns… and it was also around the time Social Media emerged giving me the opportunity to be at the forefront of social media marketing.

I accepted a role to build up a creative team for “Vivid Lime“, a newly created Digital Marketing agency.

I firmly believe in building creative teams that matches the personality of a business rather than a team that single-minded are focussed on a specific direction because things do change. A team that work well together rather than a team designed with a specific guiding light in mind, is much stronger as they can adapt quicker to the ever-changing landscape the internet still is to this day.

The role at Vivid Lime gave me the opportunity to shape the creative team to what I thought was needed to service a constant flow of fast-moving campaigns covering a wide range of channels.

The team grew quickly to 7 creative professionals including Designers, Frontend Developers and a Copywriter plus scale with a based of steady contractors.  In terms of organisation split, the team was 25% of the Vivid Lime.

Vivid Lime was originally formed from internal digital marketeers from the Collinson Group, but by the time I left the company we have landed successful projects with known brand such as GSMA, Lloyds TSB and Disney.

Portfolio highlights

Salesforce Experience Design

Establishing and growing the Experience Design practice in EMEA for one of the most innovative companies in the world. Growing a practice at scale.

Burberry Social Business

Shaping the vision for an end-to-end work environment for employees, partners, vendors and suppliers for the digital leader in luxury. Creating a vision and deliver it.

Vivid Lime Creative Department

Building a creative department from the ground up for a multi-channel digital marketing agency. Building a creative team.