When a great experience is so inappropriate it cannot be shared on social media

I like sharing what I experience. On Instagram, via Tweets and to my closed Facebook community.

In fact, one of the biggest challenges when meeting friends physically is to bring the few (very few) friends who aren’t on Facebook up-to-date with what the majority of us have been up to and shared on Facebook as we experienced them or shortly after.

But, what happens when you experience something awesome, but so inappropriate that it simply cannot be shared to social networks no matter how closed they may be?

A while back I was at a workshop in a foreign country with a talented mix of client representatives and IBM colleagues.

The night before flying home to England, a few of us ended up in what can best be described as the most surreal, but also the most fun taxi ride, any of us have ever been on. I was literally in tears.

However, even starting to explain the bizarreness of the ride would immediately overstep many people’s boundaries so there is absolutely no way I will be able to share it online… But I still want to share the story with as many friends as possible.

How we shared experiences before social media

It got me thinking about how we behave when we experience something worth sharing with friends who aren’t there to experience it with us. A decade ago we would have called up a friend or met with them somewhere private to tell them whatever fantastic story we may have had, but today Social Media makes it easy for us to “bulk-share” experiences.

But has Social Media made it too easy to broadcast personal experiences at the expense of the warm fuzzy rush we get from telling people a story around a drink or some food?

Faced with inappropriate content online

And what happens to our perception of people we don’t personally know when they post content that  seems inappropriate to us?

Francisco Tejon, the Inventor of original art image of the famous QR 2d barcode, is a good example. Given his background he would be a person I would be interesting in following on Google+, but his profile is full of scantily clad women, which I frankly don’t want to show up on my Google+ stream with colleagues behind me.

I don’t have answers…

… all I know is I need to make some urgent phone calls to some friends to tell them about a taxi ride in a foreign country involving everything from the fattest taxi driver in the world, his wife (who has good teeth), his back scratcher and his efforts to multitask being a VJ of funny inappropriate videos as well as watching the road at the same time…

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  • You give us the teaser in this one, but how about a link to the story of the taxi ride? I guess in my case, I could get it on the phone – or I’ll surely get this and other NYC stories out of you in November.

  • Haha yes, I’ll tell you the full story in private :)

    …and your assumption of location might not be entirely accurate.