Why Designers are different and why they should stay different

My team just got told off in a pub.

We were out for Christmas dinner and a nearby Christmas party complained about us having fun. We were different. We were unexpected. We were not conforming.

It got me thinking.

We work in a consultancy organisation. Recently somebody pointed out that my team is different. They don’t behave like consultants. They don’t wear suits. They are unpredictable. They are different.

The person also said they are definitely not boring.

Designers are different people. They look at things differently than other people. That is their skill. That is why they how they value.

The more different they are, the more they look at a given situation, a given problem, in a different way that everybody else. They find new angles, they find new solutions. I would argue: They make the world better.

There is no way I will ever force my team to fit the norm. There is no way I will ever ask them to wear a suit, be like everybody else, lose their amazing unique view on the world.

Designers are different. The more different they are, the better designers they are. Fact!

It’s fashionable to talk about being inclusive. Inclusive regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual preferences.

But what about being inclusive of people with a different view of the world, the Designers?

The companies that embrace different view points are the most successful, but it is hard. It is hard putting your trust in people you don’t understand.

But once you make the leap of faith, the world will change because the Designers will change it for you.

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