Why I re-wrote my LinkedIn profile using Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” theory

For a long time I’ve looked at other (and more senior) people’s LinkedIn profiles to get inspiration for my own profile and to learn industry terms and buzz words to present my experience in the right way.

And it worked. I was happy with the result, which I would revisit on an ongoing basis as I learned new things from reviewing Linkedin Profiles.

But recently a client introduced me to Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” theory, which I think is fantastic. The below TedTalk by Simon sums it up neatly:

And it made me wonder:

“Why do I do what I do? I know how I do it, I know what I produce, but do I know why?”

And the answer very quickly was Yes, I know exactly why I do what I do!.

It is the reason that made me resign a good postion as Assistant Art Director in 1998 (only months after graduating) and take up the mantle of Web Design while my peers were shaking their heads in disbelief of how I could throw my creative career away like that.

Good, but the next question was harder: “Is that clear from my Linkedin profile? and the answer was resounding “No” and that truly came as a shock to me.

“Why do I do what I do? I know how I do it, I know what I produce, but do I know why?”

I realized the way I introduce myself on Twitter and on my business card (Self-proclaimed Digital Native) says far more about who I am than my lengthy Linkedin profile, which I have spend years shaping and honing.

So I rewrote my Linkedin profile from scratch with my “Why” in mind and here are the old and the new profiles side by side. Would love to hear your feedback.


I love living in the cyberpunk world that was pure science fiction a few decades ago.

Everyday new technology advances meets creativity and brings us ever closer to an all connected digital future that the day before existed only in science fiction.

It is amazing what the Internet is doing to the world and for the world. How it gives us the freedom and control to reach our goals by connecting us to all the world’s information and to like-minded people.

I want the intelligent flying cars, the helpful robots and the pervasive web they promised us and I want to help us get to the future by bringing the Internet through everyware to everybody one project at the time.


Robert is a motivated, self-proclaimed digital native who successfully combines creative skills, user experience expertise and a passion for his work with an ability to understand client requirements and technical capabilities.

He has worked in the digital industry since 1998 providing creative solutions that meets business requirements across a wide range of industries (B2C, B2B, Fashion, Finance, Charity, Insurance, Travel, Government).

His leadership and expertise in social user experience is recognised by clients, colleagues and partners alike and he is a proven vision builder with the ability to carry a project through to the final delivery.

Robert is a natural at presenting to senior management or large groups of people and has an ability to create momentum and secure buy-in from client representatives at all levels.

Throughout his career Robert has successfully developed and managed design teams as well as provided guidance for external teams as proxy-product owner.

With an education in traditional visual communication Robert also champions correct set typography online; one of the most neglected crafts in the digital environment but one of the most important aspects of delivering content successfully.

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  • I did the same thing.

  • Very cool. You’ve done all circles. I like it. ( David’s profile ->

  • I definitely prefer the new version. I think it clearly illustrates the “why.” I am wondering if taking the reader through the 3 steps would be beneficial and having a brief “how” and then “what” paragraph.

    The old CV style writeup does a good job of letting us know your skills/achievements/experience, but the new writeup doesn’t inform me of how you facilitate your “why”, and then what exactly is the outcome of your facilitation. It could just be one short sentence each.

    I am just brainstorming here. I intend to follow the same path why->how->what in my own profile and resume. I am really glad you wrote this post, I’ve been grasping for some direction on how to craft the introduction that will resonate with people, and not just a rote CV.

  • Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, David Bradley (below) did the How, What, Why devision of his Linkedin profile and it works quite well. You can see it here:

    For me, I have a list of Specialities immediately underneath followed by Skills & Expertise which I see as the HOW and following that my experience describing WHAT I have done during my career in various roles. My profile here ->

    But it is up for debate I’d say.

  • That explains it, I can’t view your full profile ;)

  • aha… strange. I can see it even if I am not logged in to Linkedin

  • Aww… if I log out I can see it through that URL, but when logged in I just get the image below. Oh well, linkedin really wants me to upgrade it seems.

    With the bullet list of specialities added, it looks great.

  • I know that TEDtalk, watched it a year ago. I think often of it. I like your new LinkedIn profile info. But what is “everyware?”

  • Thanks. Everyware is internet in everything, e.g. a fridge that tweets you when it’s out of milk, a car that can notify emergency services when it crashes etc.

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  • Nivarith Nair

    Hey Robert, I saw Simon’s excellent talk and thought that it would be great to apply the golden circle.
    I was thrilled when my “Why How What linked in” search led me to your excellent piece among other irrelevant ones!

    Its especially interesting looking at your updated Linked In Profile two years later.
    I thought the new version was good, this current one is polished and even better!
    Bravo and thanks for the article.
    Rock on brother :)

  • Hi Nivi

    Thank you. I haven’t even realised how my profile has changed since this article. I think I just automatically go in and adjust it once in a while :)