Why Designers are different and why they should stay different

3 point design leadership action plan for 2017: From F1 Race Driver to Cruise Ship Captain

Tweets, pics, books and scribbles from the “Leading Design 2016” conference

Why You Should Champion a Better User Experience for Your Employee Apps

My team just got told off in a pub. We were out for Christmas dinner and a nearby Christmas party complained about us having fun. We were different. We were unexpected. We were not conforming. It got me thinking. We… Read the rest of this article.

Over the last 2-ish years, I've established and grown the Salesforce Experience Design practice in Europe to 4 regional teams. In this article I will distill down my priorities for scaling the team even further in 2017.

A quick grouping of tweets, images, books and scribbles from the first "Leading Design" conference in London.

Originally posted on the Salesforce blog. Today, digital is at the centre of business. Gone are the days where your company website was an experiment found in the fringes of the organisation with little or no real effect to the… Read the rest of this article.