Never be too senior to ask for help

I’ve been leading design teams for quite a while, I think the first proper management role I picked up in 2006 building a design team from scratch. When you first step into a design leader role (and I suspect any leader role) you assume people expect you to have all the answers… in fact, you […]

My 3 tips for running successful design teams

I’ve had the pleasure of leading and building a few design departments across agency, consultancy and product across my career so far. And I’ve found running a successful design team has 3 key ingredients that I want to share with you:  Clear Design Direction A Clear Design Direction means it is your task as a Designer […]

2018 New Year’s Resolution: No more Likes, no more hearts. Only comments.

The “Like” revolutionised how we interact. Suddenly we could show our appreciation with the click of a button. That was in 2009. As we start 2018 I can’t help but wonder what the value of a “Like” is. For the owners of the functionality, it it’s a mean to gauge what we are interested in, […]

Valuing Design as a Craftsmanship

“Design” is such a broad term. Are we talking Industrial Design or Fashion Design? Oh we are discussing digital… well are we then talking about IT system Design? To make matters even more confusing over the last couple of years there’s been an increase in books published around the core theme that everybody is a […]

The reality of bad Enterprise UX

I want to tackle a common gridlock I’ve repeatedly run into over the last 7-8 years working with Enterprise UX. It happens when UX professionals try to convince Enterprise IT and Business people of the value of employee-facing UX. It goers something like this: DESIGNER: “UX is paramount for user adoption in that it focusses […]

Is there a value in making the story more difficult through storytelling?

In the last year or so, I’ve grown increasingly fond of stories hard to digest or even find. So much content is made so readily available and easily digestible to all of us, that it has gotten boring. I want to go through some of the obscure storytelling I’ve become aware of the last couple […]

3 Tips for Project Managers to work better with Designers

Explaining the value of design to business people has for most part always been easy. Why would you not invest in user experience to make sure your product works for the end-users so in fact the project actually can deliver business value? However, when discussing design workstreams with Project Managers who are inexperienced in working […]

Why Designers are different and why they should stay different

My team just got told off in a pub. We were out for Christmas dinner and a nearby Christmas party complained about us having fun. We were different. We were unexpected. We were not conforming. It got me thinking. We work in a consultancy organisation. Recently somebody pointed out that my team is different. They […]